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One of the largest remaining vacant construction plots in the central Tel Aviv area is finally heading towards development after 30 years of bureaucratic delays.

The 45 dunam (11 acre) plot of land  - known as the Somil complex  - is situated on the corner of  Ibn Gvirol Street and Arlozorof Street, the cities primary South-North and East-West arteries respectively.

The zoning for the plot has now been completed and lawyers for the various landowners and the Tel Aviv city hall are working on a redivision of the land to facilitate final planning and construction.

The plot was originally the site of a farmers village of huts and orchards that was abandoned by its residents in the 1948 war. For decades the development of the site was delayed by a series of problems including the ownership claims of some families of squatters who failed in the supreme court in 2012 to force the landowners to compensate them for the homes that they were occupying.

According to the city zoning plan the plot will be developed with 500 residential apartments in two 45 floor towers and some lower rise buildings, as well as 10,000 square meters of retail space, alongside offices public services and a park.